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hierarchical Clustering VS Kmeans Clustering

asked 2013-07-31 01:05:43 -0600

Mostafa Sataki gravatar image Mostafa Sataki flag of Iran, Islamic Republic of
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StevenPuttemans gravatar image StevenPuttemans flag of Belgium
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What is difference between hierarchical Clustering & Kmeans clustering?What is advantage of hierarchical Clustering to Kmeans clustering?

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answered 2013-07-31 02:41:41 -0600

red_sonya gravatar image red_sonya

updated 2013-07-31 02:53:28 -0600

Siegfried gravatar image Siegfried
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That is not bad the explanation of the differences between hierarchical and k-means clustering(page 46): And there is an rational thought about the using of hierarchical k-means (top-down hierarchical clustering using k-means iteratively) there. The advantage of one or the other method depends of the task's conditions.

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One of the differences between these two algorithms is number of center.In the Kmeans have to determine K param but in hierarchical clustering does not require specify K param & algorithm determines K param.Why in the opencv hierarchical Clustering have to send center Mat?

Mostafa Sataki ( 2013-07-31 03:29:40 -0600 )edit

If you mean flann::hierarchicalClustering in OpenCV it is a hierarchical k-means tree. You need to create a matrix for centers. The centers.rows will be the upper limit of clusters which you need. This matrix will contain the obtained centers of clusters.

red_sonya ( 2013-07-31 05:03:20 -0600 )edit

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