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Opencv capture frames with a Jai GO-2400-PGE camera

asked 2017-07-16 23:58:43 -0500

WilliamC gravatar image

Hello everyone,

I've a C++ code which uses OpenCV's VideoCapture() to capture frames from camera.

The code works with my laptop's built-in webcam, but my embedded computer has an external computer connected to embedded computer's LAN by a cat-6. (Jai GO-2400-PEG camera)

It does show the external camera's IP & Mac address with Jai's Camera Control Tool, I wonder in this case do I use the camera's IP address for VideoCapture() to grab frames? And how do I do it?

Thanks in advance!

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answered 2017-07-17 01:50:15 -0500

kbarni gravatar image

There is a GigE camera wrapper in OpenCV which is quite limited (in device support and functionnality). You should probably use Jai's camera SDK:

Here is a longer discussion about accessing GigE cameras in OpenCV:

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