Opencv Face Detection Assign id for each face

asked 2017-03-19 13:59:38 -0500

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I'm using Opencv for face detection from video stream but my problem is how to assign an id for each detected face? for example if in the current frame i have detected 3 faces so i have 3 unique id for each faces, now in the next frame if i have 4 detected faces then i need an other id to assign it to the new face!!!

how i can assign a unique id for each faces?

also how i can preserve the same id for each face and assign a new id for the new detected face?

Thank you


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You will need a combination of a prediction algorithm and an assignment algorithm. A kalman filter+Hungarian algorithm for example.

abhijith gravatar imageabhijith ( 2017-03-20 01:37:54 -0500 )edit

please can you provide an example in python?? it will be very helpfullll!! thank you

Lafi gravatar imageLafi ( 2017-03-20 08:16:21 -0500 )edit

Here's a C++ implementation to give you an idea so you can port it to python.

abhijith gravatar imageabhijith ( 2017-03-21 23:39:09 -0500 )edit